Our client safety is our top priority. Downstairs and The Onyx Lounge are taking the impact of Covid-19 very seriously in the way we are opening up for business. We have implemented extensive and stringent cleaning/disinfecting procedures to assure that our locations are held to the highest standards to ensure customer and employee safety.

We will only be taking reservations for limited size groups, our smaller tables which hold 2-4 people or our larger tables which can hold 6-8 or 8-12 people. The cost will depend on the size of your reservation.

Please Note: All tables have been strategically arranged to meet CDC guidelines of separation, 6-10 feet apart. Your group will be seated at your respective table and that area is your area only. WE DO NOT ALLOW other tables or guests to congregate together or greet each other unless you came together. Bartenders, Sommelier, Security, Managers, and Bussers are the only people allowed to approach your table, 1 at a time.